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Digital Transformation in Healthcare


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We understand Digital Transformation as the rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people and processes to fundamentally change its delivery of care. It is about setting up a corporate strategy to deliver more sustainable value to patients, healthcare professionals and the organizations themselves. It stands for leveraging digital capabilities (eg. mobile, cloud, analytics), but mainly focusing on transformation (patient experience, process optimization, data-based decision making).

Some may argue that this type of rethinking should happen once the pandemic is over. All efforts should now be allocated to the current battle. However, most countries are preparing economic stimulus packages (like Next Generation Europe) that will force the procurement in (very) large quantities of digital solutions.

It is not the ideal timing for those that like sequential steps, but massive digitalization is going to happen, soon.

Digital Transformation is optional though. Organizations will not be forced to invest this «tsunami of funding» in acquiring technology that transforms, for good, their organizations. Actually, the easy approach is to procure the shiny objects that their vendors of choice push them to. It is human nature to avoid complications, especially in war times, in a field that most healthcare managers do not feel familiar.

But, once COVID is history, if all this new funding has been spent in non-transformational projects, are these organizations going to throw away some of their shiny investments, and raise even more funding to do the right thing? Really?


We aim to support those brave enough to uptake now the challenge of rethinking their organization

Those that believe that front-line effort is necessary, but laying out the foundation of an improved model of delivering care is also prioritary. For all of us, but also for the next generation, who will pay the interests of the loan governments are asking to recover the economy.

We are organizing

A series of webinars to showcase best-in-class examples of digital transformation

Speakers will present cases in public and private settings, because both need to transform, though for different reasons.

William Gibson‘s quote “the future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed“ serves as an inspiration to identify those pieces of the puzzle that each organization will put together in its own transformation endeavours.

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Together creating tomorrow today

No one can see the future but we must try, said W. Edwards Deming, and with his framework we learned how to make Quality as Business Strategy now it is time to take the next step and find how to how to imagine, integrate and innovate.
Three components in a leadership function to transform health and care services to Quality as a digital business strategy.

Göran Henriks is the Chief Executive of learning and Innovation in Jönköping Region

The Jonkoping region






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The Humber River Hospital Digital Journey

What does Digital Transformation mean for an acute hospital?
This presentation shown the journey taken by Humber River to become one of the most digital hospitals in the world today. Dr. Bak gave us pills of what a Digital Hospital is, why become a digital hospital, what it takes to execute a digital transformation, and what does the future offer for a fully digital hospital like Humber River.

Peter Bak (CIO at Humber River Hospital) is the Chief Information Officer at Humber River Hospital. He is responsible for the implementation of the digital vision and on-going operations of that vision. Recognized as a global leader in eHealth and healthcare technology transformation. Awarded Canadian Public Sector CIO for 2016.

The Humber River Hospital

Digital maturity and digital transformation priorities in U.S healthcare

The digital transformation of healthcare is gathering momentum in the U.S. Major health systems have invested heavily in digital front door technologies and the transformation of online patient experiences. New “digital first” players are emerging in the market. The new players include non-traditional players in healthcare, big tech firms and digital health startups. In this talk, Paddy Padmanabhan, a widely recognized thought leader in healthcare digital transformation and CEO of Damo Consulting, will share his firm’s recent research on digital priorities in health systems. He will also provide an overview of a digital maturity assessment model that helps healthcare organizations benchmark themselves against their peers in digital maturity.

Paddy Padmanabhan CEO of Damo Consulting. He’s the author of the best-selling book Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future (Taylor and Francis, Aug 2020). Paddy has worked extensively as a technology strategist and trusted advisor to C-suite executives in large health systems and digital health firms. He is the Founder and CEO of Damo Consulting Inc., a digital transformation and growth advisory firm focused on the Healthcare sector.

The Journey of Paperless Patient and Healthcare Facilities

e-Nabız, the backbone of the national information system of Turkey, is a personal health record system where citizens and healthcare professionals can have access to health information collected from primary, secondary, and tertiary level healthcare institutions. Regardless of where the examinations and treatments take place, one can manage their health information and have access to their medical records from a single platform. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare information infrastructure that can be accessed safely on the web and mobile application.

İlkay Kaynak is a Project Consultant at Ministry of Health of Turkey. He is working on EU Research and Development Policies, Framework Programmes, EU grants and World Bank credits.

Leading Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How to be successful

Several industries have undergone profound digital transformations – retail, financial services, and travel. Healthcare is poised to make its transformation. The recent massive increase in tele-health use is an example. However, digital transformation is complex and difficult; most transformations fail. This lecture will discuss transformation factors for success. The lecture will also describe a course offered by the Harvard Medical School on leading digital transformation.

John Glaser is an Executive-in-Residence at the Harvard Medical School Executive Education. He is a former senior vice president of Population Health, at Cerner Corporation. Previously he was chief executive officer of Siemens Heath Services. Prior to Siemens, John was chief information officer at Partners HealthCare in Boston.

Digital First Mindset: Transforming the Health Care Experience

In this hour-long conversation, Karin Cooke highlighted Kaiser Permanente’s journey through digital transformation and some of its latest initiatives that are personalized and streamlined to optimize their patients’ care and experience.

Karin Cooke leads Kaiser Permanente International’s work to share the benefits of an integrated healthcare model, powered by a focus on patient-centered medical excellence enabled by digital technologies. She designs educational programs for international health care leaders providing tools and inspiration to support change in health systems worldwide.

This is only the beginning

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