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Impactful Innovation

Get your digital innovation adopted and impacted

We advise you throughout the process, from identifying the health challenge to adopting innovation.

We specialise in helping healthcare organisations, companies and funders to incorporate their innovative solutions into clinical practice.

We have designed a new instrument that makes co-creation faster and cheaper, incorporating the adoption objective: the Lean Procurement of Innovation (LPI). It arises from the lessons learned in inDemand, Cherries and InnoBuyer.


1.- Identify your challenges and unsatisfied needs that can be solved with digital innovation

Patients, healthcare professionals and managers of healthcare organizations identify a need, the description of which is improved with contributions from other departments (IT, legal, purchasing) and even with market inquiries.

At Ticbiomed, we believe that for innovation in health to have an impact, it must start from those who need it.

2.- Find a technological partner that can offer an innovative solution

Either we look for you an SME from our network, or we accompany you in launching a call to select the company with the best conditions to develop a solution.

3.- Carry out a successful co-creation

The healthcare organisation and the technology company co-create the solution. We can help both parties to achieve it

4.- Piloting the innovative solution

The solution is evaluated with the end users and, if the validation is positive, and it has not been called before, a procedure is launched for the acquisition of the solution.

5.- Have legal support to call the Public Purchase

We help you to have the best professionals in the legal field. When the healthcare organization is public, the tender must respect the Public Procurement legislation.

  • Thanks to Ticbiomed, we have had access to top-level companies.

    Their knowledge of the sector and their extensive European network exponentially multiply the chances of success.

    Manuel Clavel-Sáinz Bernal, Hospital Bernal

  • “For Innovation in the Murcian Health System, Ticbiomed is the most valuable ally. Our collaborations on multiple projects over the last few years demonstrate this: FICHe, READi for Health, ProEmpower and inDemand.

    Ticbiomed is our reliable travel companion in the daily adventure of innovation, a guarantee of safety and action at the same time”

    Gorka Sánchez, Head of Innovation of the Murcian Health Service