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We bridge the gap between you and digital health companies.

We facilitate the identification of unmet needs and their transformation into profitable business opportunities.

Ticbiomed supports open innovation, connecting corporates (pharma, insurance, medtech, etc.) with digital partners following a win-win approach.


Identification of promising opportunities & Scouting of partners

We help you to detect the market needs and tap our extensive network to connect you with a digital partner.

Leverage our experience to spot relevant health challenges that could be solved with digital innovation. Then, tap on our international network of contacts to find the best partners to co-create a solution.

We work under three models, combining our experience identifying unmet needs with the recruitment of digital companies.

Identification + Scouting: We support you in the challenges detection and activate our international network to select the best providers for you.

We get coordinated with your team to be on your side along the identification of those business opportunities with a high impact on your strategy. Once detected, we select the best companies for you to choose our tech partner.

Success case:

MSD Innovation Factory
The pharma company MSD (Merck in the USA) is incorporating open innovation into its business competitiveness strategy. They asked Ticbiomed for advice. Together, we created 'MSD Innovation Factory’, a competition to find innovative solutions that could solve out the company challenges. The most suitable proposals had the opportunity to pitch in front of a MSD committee. Winners started a co-creation process with MSD. Ticbiomed has walked side by side with the MSD innovation team through all the phases. We’ve been supporting the detection of the strategic unmet needs, the recruitment of the best companies world-wide and the organization of the big final event to select the best partners. Both 2016 and 2017 editions have been successful.

Scouting of partners: If you already know what your need is, tell us and we’ll find it for you. Through our international network, we would spread the word and contact potential providers. You’ll meet the best candidates and choose the one that is more suitable for your project.

Success case:

1. AXA
The insurer company AXA partnered the eHealth Hub project, coordinated by Ticbiomed. They were seeking two digital solutions in the market, one to help its clients to quit smoking and another to improve their nutritional care. Listen to their story by Begoña San José de AXA.

Identification of promising opportunities: We identify those unmet needs with a high potential of becoming a profitable business.

We help you to detect the latent demand through different methodologies, i.e. Job to be done, Design Thinking, Patient Journey, etc. We could also interact directly with healthcare professionals or patients.

Success case:

We have worked with the pharmaceutical company GSK in the needs’ detection of patients with cancer and healthcare professionals.

Digital innovation workshops in clinical congresses

Increase your visibility as an innovative agent in the health environment.

From Ticbiomed we manage that your team, together with healthcare professionals and digital health companies, discuss about your health challenges. We do it under an agile and action-oriented format that will reinforce your position as a benchmark for digital innovation in your specialty.

Success case

Grünenthal aimed to improve the pain management through digital technologies. The pharma company defined a challenge and, together with Ticbiomed, organized a workshop to interact with healthcare professionals and digital health companies. The objective was to validate the challenge and to know possible solutions.

Thanks to this workshop, Grünenthal has redefined its challenge, which now offers more value to professionals and patients. In addition, one of the companies participating in the workshop is collaborating in solving this optimized version of the challenge.

A window to new market opportunities

We ease your participation in Public Procurement of Innovation opportunities, like Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) or Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) tenders.

We keep you updated about relevant open calls, and promote the creation of consortiums you can join.

Success case:

Ticbiomed participates in ProEmpower, a Pre-commercial Public Purchase project of € 3M that seeks digital solutions for the management of patients with diabetes type 2. As a result of the dissemination done by Ticbiomed, Esteve (a mid-size pharma) knew about the initiative and submitted a proposal within a consortium with tech companies.