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An opportunity for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to co-create the solution to an unmet need hand in hand with the organisation that proposed it 

InnoBuyer project provides funding to develop innovative solutions to unmet needs identified by organizations (the Challengers).  

These potential customers collaborate with SMEs to co-create solutions to solve those Challenges. Under a win-win approach, each Challenger finds an answer to its unmet need, while the Solver (SME) develops technology that opens up a new business opportunity.   

In addition to having access to a great business opportunity, funding for selected Solvers is up to €58,500 per project. 

As an added value, project partners, like Ticbiomed support both parties to maximize the chances of adoption for those co-created solutions that successfully pass the piloting phase, both by the Challenger and other potential customers. 

InnoBuyer phases

Phase 1 – Identification of Challenges (Completed) 

Public organizations proposed their unmet needs and InnoBuyer selected 15 Challenges from all those submitted. 

In this first phase, organisations were required to include in their proposals a letter of commitment to adopt the solution if succesfully developed and validated. The intention is to increase the chances of adoption of the technology, which is a determining factor in Ticbiomed’s participation in the project. 

The 8 Challenges that belong to the Health sector are: 

  • BLOODMANSYS , by FundeSalud: A flexible tool to manage blood transfusions safely.  
  • Earlydel , by Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital: A predictive wearable tool for early detection of delirium.  
  • eDEMAP , by Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud MP: A tool that allows the digitalisation and complete systematisation of the Andalusian EDM (Early Demand Map). 
  • FHARMAVERSO , by Getafe University Hospital: A complete interactive digital environment to educate patients who need to self-medicate and monitor their treatment. 
  • HomeRUN , by Erasmus MC: A device to facilitate collection of blood samples at home.  
  • MDR-prep , by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft): A tool for assessing medical innovation projects and the MDR requirements they must meet.  
  • PREPLEX, by Sureste University Hospital: A system of waiting lists with time slots to help manage the resources available in the outpatient clinics.
  • Safe-stay, by WSS Olsztyn: An organisational solution for hospital transport (wheelchairs) to optimise the use of resources and time. 

Phase 2 – Open Market Consultation, Call for Solvers and selection (Ongoing)  

After market validation of the Challenges, SMEs from all over Europe were invited to submit their solution proposal till January, 24th, 2024.

The call for applications was a great success; a total of 176 applications were received.

In the coming weeks, the committee appointed for this purpose will make the selection of the proposals that move on to the next phase. 

Selected applicants are expected to be announced by mid-March 2024. 

Phase 3 – Co-creation of the solution (Coming soon!) 

Once the challenges and solutions have been selected, the respective Challengers and Solvers will work together for 10 months to develop the technology. In parallel, several actions will be implemented to contribute to the adoption of the validated solutions in phase 5. 

For example, key stakeholders, including top management, will be kept aligned on a regular basis, in order to streamline decision-making on procurement. In addition, an evaluation of the solution will be carried out at early stages of the work to assess whether it adequately addresses the challenge. 

Phase 4 – Legal support for the preparation of tenders (Coming soon!) 

Challengers that have co-created solutions that solve the unmet need will receive expert advice to prepare a tender for acquiring the solution. The project includes funding for this phase, which is essential for the subsequent adoption of the technology, as it anticipates the preparation of the actual procurement process. 

Phase 5 – Adoption 

Though this phase is not supported directly by the project, it is expected that Challengers will launch a public tender to acquire and implement the solution following public contracting legislation. InnoBuyer includes this last phase as a mechanism to increase the chances of innovation adoption. 

About InnoBuyer 

InnoBuyer is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA), funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, Grant Agreement 101071212, with a total budget of 2 million euros.  

It started in September 2022 and is expected to last 3 years, until September 2025, with the co-creation phase taking place in 2024 and legal advice between 2024 and 2025. 

The project aims to become a testing ground and benchmark towards the implementation of a demand-driven methodology that brings together Challengers and Solvers, to co-create innovative solutions and speed-up the procurement process. 

InnoBuyer is operated by 3 partners, forming its consortium: F6S, CIVITTA and Ticbiomed. 

Project website

About Ticbiomed – Impact is what drives us 

Ticbiomed is a non-proft association created back in 2009 in Murcia, although its scope of work has always been all over Europe. Its mission is to deliver value to generate impact via innovation, with a special focus in the health & care sector. 

Ticbiomed advocates an adoption-focused approach, which includes: 

Demand-driven innovation: We are experts in identifying unmet needs from organisations staff and end users, polishing them and enriching the challenges by involving the stakeholders.  

Co-creation: Our extensive knowledge of the ecosystem allows us to recruit the best SMEs to solve each challenge in collaboration with the organization proposing the need, as well as take steps to facilitate adoption throughout the process. 

Impactful Innovation: Through the Impactful Innovation movement, Ticbiomed is mobilising the entire ecosystem to advocate for adoption. It includes changing mindsets, policies and instruments and demanding accountability and consistency. 

It is the mindset that really makes an impact 

We believe that it is not until technology is adopted that it unfolds its full value. That successful pilots that are not implemented are a waste. And therefore, we work to bring technology to businesses, to universities, to health centers and to society as a whole; increasing productivity for all, creating jobs, making us more competitive, improving people’s lives. 

  • If you are also working for the same goals, we would love to hear about your project or the ones you’d like to be part of. Contact us!


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement 101071212.