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I2M ADOPTION AWARDS: Rewarding the adopters of cutting-edge technologies in Active and Healthy Ageing



If you have successfully implemented an AHA innovation in your organisation, the EIP on AHA wants to reward your effort and share your experience so as to inspire other healthcare organisations.


Benefits for participants

  • Gain visibility in the European healthcare community as an innovative organisation.
  • Award your solution with a recognition from the European InnovationPartnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.
  • Get known as a pioneer and a success case in the European digital health community
  • Access, and mix with, a large network of European innovators
  • Attend 4YFN where the public Awards Ceremony will take place. You will obtain a free ticket and €500 reimbursement for travel expenses.

4YFN is the startup event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, GSMA Mobile World Congress. It is where top-flight investors connect with the hottest startups to change the world and where major corporations find early-stage innovation to commercialise or acquire.


About the Adoption Awards

The Adoption Awards recognise the work of adopters, and their technological suppliers, in implementing digital innovation for the benefit of patients in Active and Healthy Ageing.

By promoting adopters as leading lights in their sector, we plan to inspire other organisations to improve the delivery of health and care-related services. All this with the support of innovative technologies!


Process and dates

  1. Tell us your story before 20thDecember 2019Apply online.
  2. Hear about the finalists by 30thJanuary 2020. Three (adopter + supplier) teams will reach the final of the Adoption Awards ceremony.
  3. Take part in the Awards ceremony on 25thFebruary in Barcelona at 4YFN. The three finalist teams will pitch their success story in a public session. Both adopter and supplier must attend the presentation.

Only one of the three teams will be the winner!




Who is eligible to apply?

Teams of European adopters (typically, healthcare or social organisations, insurance companies, big corporations) and IT companies (who are solutions providers) are eligible. The teams will have been partners in jointly implementing an eHealth innovation. The partnership will have resulted in successful outputs in the area of Active and Healthy Ageing (e.g., through adherence to treatment, falls prevention, lifespan health promotion, integrated care, independent living solutions, age friendly environments…)


Who is behind this initiative?

WE4AHA is an EU-funded coordination and support action that aims to advance the effective, large-scale uptake and impact of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), by building a comprehensive set of support and promotion services. These February 2020 matchmaking sessions are part of the Innovation to Market (I2M) Plan that WE4AHA has created. The plan is addressed to organisations delivering AHA services and solution suppliers. It aims at facilitating relationships, mutual understanding, and scaling-up, and at increasing the impact of innovative technology-driven solutions on the AHA market.