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Ever Health, the first inclusive telemedicine platform

The objective is to promote more accessible medical care and achieve real democratization of health.

With the SmartCity Cluster and Fundación ONCE, Ever Health has rebuilt and certified its healthcare platform as the first inclusive telemedicine platform. To do this, it has adapted its technology so that people with disabilities can use the services offered by telemedicine.

After a universal accessibility diagnosis carried out by the ONCE Foundation, Ever Health redesigned the platform and, to achieve better usability and efficiency with the changes, they had the participation in the associative movement of people with disabilities. “Thanks to the knowledge of the ONCE Foundation, we have been able to make an inclusive platform a reality,” says Rafael García, CEO of Ever Health and member of the Ticbiomed board of directors.

Transversal improvements include design aspects (text sizes, button shading, colour contrast), the implementation of the tab control, the labelling of elements for better screen reading using JAWS / NVDA or the incorporation of subtitles and translation simultaneously in different languages. “Technology must go unnoticed and be only the means to make health accessible”, explains García, “And care needs cannot be left unattended for any reason of access”.

The disability trend

According to a survey carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain, there are 4.38 million people with disabilities, which is around 10% of the population. Furthermore, of people over six years of age, 39.4% have difficulties using new information and communication technologies (ICT). The World Health Organization indicates that the percentage will increase due to demographic trends and the growing prevalence of chronic ailments.

According to Rafael García, this is why all companies and all stakeholders must strive to create a more sustainable society and narrow the digital divide. “Especially for the elderly and with some disability or less technological capabilities,” he stresses.