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  • “Being part of Ticbiomed allows us to be in contact and create connections with other stakeholders related to digital health.

    In addition, it supports us with any question and lets us know about calls and new financing lines for projects”.

  • “Ticbiomed provides us with a first-rate national network with entities in the sector that has allowed us, on the one hand, to collaborate on various projects with other partners and, on the other, to participate in more ambitious European projects that are already a reality”.

  • “Ticbiomed has always supported us in our business model needs and the launch of Copcar to the market. They have such a broad strategic vision. Being part of Ticbiomed is knowing that you have a team of people aware of your needs.”

  • “Thanks to Ticbiomed, we have had access to high level companies when we were looking for tech partners. On our own we could not have done it. Ticbiomed’s experience on digital health sector and its extensive European network really makes a difference.”

  • “Ticbiomed has a deep knowledge and a wide experience in the Digital Health ecosystem. But if something distinguishes them it’s their innovative spirit, ease in the treatment, and great professionalism that they have demonstrated in all the actions that we have carried out jointly. Ticbiomed is a great help to develop business in this area – a real pleasure to work with them.”

  • “I feel lucky to have found Ticbiomed. They demonstrate a knowledge of years in the eHealth sector, and also they take care of the startups and connect them at European level with potential clients, investors and R + D + i programs. On top they help us to spread the word of our activities! Hoping to continue working with them for many years.”

  • MSD Innovation Factory is an example of how open innovation is a vehicle that would help us to become tomorrow’s leaders. Thanks to Ticbiomed for their support in this great adventure.”.

  • “For the SMS Innovation, Ticbiomed is the most valuable ally, as evidenced by our collaborations in multiple projects such as FICHe, READi for Health, ProEmpower and inDemand – demand driven and eHealth co-creation.

    Ticbiomed is our reliable travel companion in the daily innovation adventure, guaranteeing safety and action at the same time.”

  • “Ticbiomed has consistently proved to be a solid pillar for MEDIKTOR’s growth and development, very particularly in terms in of visibility and generating market awareness. Our partnership has given us numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients at a different level to help us really understand their business challenges and how MEDIKTOR can help them achieve their goals. A very fruitful team work we are extremely proud of.”