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Mediktor and Saludsa create an AI-based virtual assistant to evaluate users’ symptoms and determine the most appropriate level of care

The Spanish startup Mediktor, member of Ticbiomed, and the company Saludsa create the Virtual Assistant project based on AI, a technological solution for Saludsa clients, which will allow them to evaluate their symptoms and easily find the best solution for medical care.

This solution seeks to provide Saludsa customers with adequate and efficient care, reducing waiting times, benefiting from a 24/7 online service integrated into their digital platforms:


How does it work?

The Saludsa client must enter the “Symptom Evaluator” section from their account on the application or website and explain their signs and symptoms in their own words. The AI-based Virtual Assistant will perform the triage through simple questions, until it reaches a referential list of possible diagnoses. Based on the result of the evaluation, the bot will determine the level of customer care and refer to the most appropriate medical specialty based on the referential diagnosis. The client will be able to choose the option of their preference and coordinate their attention through our digital channels. In the event of a medical emergency, DrSalud will immediately contact the client. 

This solution will help customers to assess their symptoms, find the best healthcare, and get a better service experience. However, the use of this platform does not replace a face-to-face medical assessment or a definitive medical diagnosis. Saludsa, with the help of Mediktor, seeks to create innovative and disruptive solutions that support its mission: “Take care of the health of its clients with an unsurpassed service experience.”



An Ecuadorian company with more than 27 years, leaders in the prepaid medicine sector, with a 27% market share. Taking care of their clients health and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Saludsa is passionate about providing exceptional service to their clients, which is why they are constantly innovating through the implementation of technological services that allows them to leverage their mission.


Mediktor is the most accurate medical assistant based on Artificial Intelligence for triage, pre-diagnosis and clinical decision support. The only clinically validated one. Leading more than 4 million symptom assessments in 180 countries worldwide, developing an intuition comparable to the professional experience of more than 10 doctors throughout his career. 

The company was founded in 2011 by Oscar García-Esquirol, specialized doctor in Intensive Medicine and Cristian Pascual, Industrial engineer. Mediktor has managed to close agreements with several international health institutions such as Yale New Haven Health System in the United States and Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. Visit