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​Healthcare organisations

We are your compass to innovate in digital health – a bridge between the healthcare challenges and the solutions available on the market.

Ticbiomed helps healthcare organizations and regional healthcare providers to identify their innovation challenges, in accordance with their global strategy. The goal is that the offer would get adapted to their needs. We support the leadership of innovative healthcare professionals and encourage open innovation from the demand-side.

Check our services or contact us. We customize our proposals according to your needs.


Support in the detection, financing and co-creation of your innovation challenges

Improve your healthcare quality and reduce your costs by adopting digital innovation hand in hand with tech partners and external financing

Ticbiomed supports open innovation between healthcare organizations and tech companies. Once your healthcare organization has identified the strategic needs, we help you select the best tech partners to co-create an innovative solution.
In terms of funding, we advise you in the search for grants that best suit your project.

Success case:

The Region of Murcia Healthcare provider (Servicio Murciano de Salud, Spain) is committed to promote the culture of innovation within the organization as a way to meet its health challenges.

With this goal, he organization identified 68 unmet needs that could be solved with technology. This process was made hand in hand with their healthcare professionals. The 4 most strategic challenges were transferred to the regional development agency (Info), who launched a call for grants for digital health companies. The selected companies have begun a co-creation process with the healthcare professionals.

Ticbiomed has participated in the selection of the Region of Murcia healthcare provider challenges, in the design of the financing model and in the recruitment and selection of the best tech partners. This process has been developed under the umbrella of the inDemand project.

Scouting of partners or tech providers

Tell us what your needs are and we will tab our European network to select those companies that fir the best with your needs.

We link you with startups and tech companies able to solve your needs. We will be in charge of launching the call for companies and help you to identify those potential partners which could be more interesting for you to meet them in person.

Success case:

 Hospital Bernal (Spain) was interested in identifying tech providers for chronic patients tele-monitorization. Ticbiomed organized the recruitment, selection and final pitch of the 12 companies which fit the best to their needs. This service was offered for free by the European project eHealth Hub.

  • “Thanks to Ticbiomed, we have had access to high level companies when we were looking for tech partners. On our own we could not have done it. Ticbiomed’s experience on digital health sector and its extensive European network really makes a difference.”

Experts in market consultation in Pre-Commercial Procurement in innovation

Get more visibility in your call so you get the best proposals!

We keep you updated about the open calls and boost the creation of consortiums so you could submit.

We tap our network to help you in the market consultation for your innovative public procurement projects, i.e. the FID program of the Health Ministry.

Besides our international contacts, we will spread the word sharing the information with other ecosystem members so that the message multiplies. We also facilitate the creation of complementary consortiums.

Success case 

Ticbiomed participates in ProEmpower, a Pre-commercial Public Purchase project of € 3M that seeks digital solutions for the management of patients with diabetes type 2. Ticbiomed were responsible of the market consultation, receiving up to 17 consortiums applications.