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eCare: digital solutions for frailty prevention in old adults

The objective of eCare is to launch a Pre-Commercial Procurement call for tender to deliver disruptive digital solutions for the prevention and comprehensive management of frailty to encourage independent living, wellbeing and to relieve health and care services budget pressure.

The project will procure the development, testing and implementation of digital tools/services and communication concepts to facilitate the transition to integrated care models across health and social services.

Specific objectives

  • Promote systematic routine screening for pre-frailty stages in at risk patients and older adults in clinical practice.
  • Develop and implement sustainable multimodal interventions for the prevention and comprehensive management of functional and cognitive decline and psychosocial frailty.
  • Manage functional decline and frailty through multidimensional targeted intervention.
  • Contribute to integrated pathways of care with a better informed, prepared and trained workforce.
  • Convey the shift to patient-centric intervention strategies to ensure engagement and technology acceptance for the promotion of independent living in frailty prevention and management.
  • Contribute to research and methodology on frailty and active and healthy ageing. Contribute to managing demand and increasing the sustainability of health and social.
  • Promote cooperation, including cross-sector international collaboration between university research groups, health and social care stakeholders, municipalities, and companies dedicated to ageing issues.

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El proyecto eCare ha recibido financiación del Programa
de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 de la Unión Europea.