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Search for an innovative solution that integrates care and health pathways, improving the response capacity of European health systems

The DYNAMO PCP project seeks an efficient solution that will allow rapid planning (based on data and platform independent of the care pathways) in situations where the functions of the European health systems are at risk, such as due, for example, a threat to public health.

DYNAMO brings together four buyers from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece, including organisations and authorities representing various healthcare systems and environments. On the demand side, this group will collaborate to create the necessary economies of scale and early adoption cases.

As a strategic planning tool, DYNAMO will:

  • Guide stakeholders in concept development, data modelling, process design, and implementation planning
  • Report on medium-term investment planning to adapt existing processes and infrastructures (including IT systems)

Suppliers will be rigorously evaluated after each procurement phase, which includes:

  1. An Open Market Consultation
  2. Architecture and system specification aligned with the requirements of health and care professionals, IT planners, decision-makers
  3. Development of prototypes and tests with end users
  4. Evaluation of the fidelity of the implementation and the performance of the tool, the feasibility of the results in terms of validity and applicability of the routes generated
  5. Overall profitability assessment

Interaction outside the consortia is expected in 2024. Said call will be disseminated through the official channels of the project and, of course, through our newsletter: the Ticbiomed’s boleTIC.


DYNAMO has received European funds from the Horizon Europe program for research and innovation. Grant agreement ID: 101095516