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The services marketplace for European rural areas

The dRural project is an initiative that provides new opportunities for European rural development through the provision of digital services in six strategic sectors called “arenas”:

  1. Health and social care
  2. Tourism
  3. Local Food Systems
  4. Business development
  5. Transport and mobility
  6. e-Government

The objective is to co-develop and launch a digital market for services especially aimed at the inhabitants of European rural areas (20% of the population), with the consequent economic growth and improvement in quality of life. In addition, the project aims to become the primary service market for all European rural areas.

To achieve these objectives, during the project, a series of activities will be carried out aimed at:

  • Engage a critical mass of rural citizens, businesses and key stakeholders to build an ecosystem of users and service providers.
  • Develop together a user-friendly digital marketplace, which will be iteratively developed, tested, improved and validated together with the ecosystem of end users and service providers, ensuring the full participation of all relevant stakeholders.

Support the sustainable exploitation of the market after the project in dRural regions, as well as its subsequent adoption and replication in rural regions across Europe.

Ticbiomed coordinates the entire project.