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We are looking for digital solutions to fight Coronavirus

We will share them with the European Commission and European healthcare providers. 



We have been asked to gather technologies already available in the market and that can help to manage the healthcare crisis that Coronavirus has created. Examples include telemedicine, diagnostics or patients follow-up. 

All the solutions are being gathered in a free online platform: eHealth Hub Platform, the map of European eHealth.  From Ticbiomed, as coordinators of this platform, we have created the hashtag #Coronavirus so that the authorities and health organizations that are interested can find you in a single click.


I have a digital solution that can help. What should I do?

1. Go to the eHealth Hub Platform (click here)
  • If you already have a profile, update it (go to step 2)
  • If your profile exists, but you have not claimed it yet, click ‘claim your profile’ and update it as desired.
  • If you don’t have a profile, create one. It’s quick and easy.

2. Update your profile so that the ecosystem can get to know you. It is important that you describe exactly how your solution can help in the management of coronavirus. Important! We are not looking for ideas, but for existing solutions that can be deployed ASAP. See examples: Mediktor or Ever Health.

If you have a generic or distant solution to this crisis, please do not include it in the platform. You pollute the quality of the list and penalize your fellow from the ecosystem.

3. Tag your profile with coronavirus. When editing your profile go to ‘Clinical areas’ where you can see a list of tags to choose from. Select ‘CORONAVIRUS’ and your company will appear in this link that will be shared with the authorities.

The soonest, the better. We all know time is against us.


And then, what?

 In the coming days, we will share the list of companies with the European Commission and various healthcare organizations at the regional, national and international level. Of course, the final decision to contact will depend on them, but at Ticbiomed we want to make it easy.

  • Do you know anyone with a digital solution already in the market and that can help to manage coronavirus? Forward them this email.
  • Questions? Contact María Luisa Lucas: comunicacion [@]
  • Technical problems? Contact



This initiative is open and free.
From the ecosystem and for the ecosystem.