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Digital Transformation

We help TRANSFORM healthcare organisations

Through digital technology.

We understand Digital Transformation (DT) as a change process encompassing the entire organisation, implying a cultural, organisational and operational change at all levels. The objective is to provide more value to patients and healthcare professionals.

This change is supported by digital technology, which enables and accelerates, but is not the focus.

For TD to be a success, it is essential to focus on building:

  • A solid leadership that contributes to the definition of the strategy and resolves conflicts.

  • A governance that helps communicate the strategy, collaboratively identify priority projects and execute them.

  • Motivation and training of staff, as well as their contribution to the process.

We offer training in Digital Transformation aimed at the healthcare sector, training managers and key personnel to understand how to implement a process that is appropriate to their context.

We have also participated in the definition of strategies and governance in different projects.

We make resources such as webinars with international experts available to the ecosystem, and we organise events where experiences and good practices are exchanged.


We have provided training at the European level at the Healthcare Transformation Academy since 2021. We currently offer the 20-hour online course ‘Implementing Digital Healthcare Transformation’, aimed at professionals in the health sector.


Community of experts, heads of Digital Transformation or Innovation departments in pharmaceuticals, who share concerns and lessons learned. The first face-to-face event took place in Barcelona in 2022.


A hybrid event where several managers and experts at the national level presented their vision on the implications of Digital Transformation in the healthcare context and how to overcome the associated challenges.


Series of free webinars where international speakers explain their own experiences of Digital Transformation. For example, John Glasser of Harvard Medical School.


Training Program

Our program addresses the WHAT, HOW and WHY of Digital Transformation in the healthcare sector.

In collaboration with other experts, we have successfully delivered it at the Murcian Health Service (MHS) and the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona.

Thanks to our ecosystem knowledge, we help you finance the training.


The management and more than 25 Directors and Deputy Directors General of the Murcian Health Service benefitted from our online training in December 2020.

Three sessions (90 minutes each) were given over three consecutive weeks.

Among other results, priority actions were identified -associated with the Digital Transformation of Murcian public health in the context of the Next Generation EU.

  • Some sessions with an eminently practical vocation helped us to diagnose the organisation’s situation to face the Digital Transformation.

    Juan Antonio Quesada, Deputy Director General of Economic Affairs of the MHS