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MOAI LABS: Collective Intelligence Laboratories and Socio-sanitary techonology to combat isolation and loneliness of elderly

MOAI LABS aims to promote business investment in innovative solutions to combat loneliness, incentivized by a future public procurement of innovation.

MOAI LABS will support its actions in the first European transnational living lab specialized in solitude and open innovation. This living lab will have “Experts by Experience”, who have direct knowledge of the needs, “Early Demand Groups” that bring together the supply of solutions and potential buyers (demand), as well as the local environment (the community), which will guarantee the adoption of these solutions to reduce the loneliness of the elderly, increase their bonds and their empowerment.

The project starts from an analysis of loneliness and a proposal of challenges. Based on these challenges, solutions will be developed, which will be supported to shorten the time to market.

The consortium brings together the competent actors from Spain, France and Portugal to offer a global solution: from living labs in the field of health and personal autonomy, to leading technology centers, and healthcare service providers, as well as experts in the market of digital health solutions.

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Project funded by the European Union's Interreg Sudoe Programme under grant agreement number SOE4/P1/E1078. The Interreg Sudoe Program supports regional development in South-West Europe by financing transnational projects through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).