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Upskilling professionals for a more efficient Innovation Adoption in Health systems

iRaise targeted multidisciplinary teams of professionals involved in innovation promotion and adoption within healthcare organizations, aiming to increase their team skills and knowledge on innovating healthcare processes such as:

  • Defining the unmet needs in your healthcare settings
  • Framing a potential solution, understanding the different options, the solution scope and its constraints
  • Identifying the adequate vehicle(s) to address the unmet needs
  • Presenting a viable plan to address the unmet needs, to a multidisciplinary and international audience

Ticbiomed was one of the consortium partners that included. Experts from the house were in charge of training about how to exploit the outputs of innovation endeavours. In particular, how to maximize chances of adoption after successful piloting the innovation by the innovation team.

Ticbiomed also weekly coached two participating teams, helping to improve their initial innovation approach and means to make it a reality. Finally, Ticbiomed also supported the dissemination of the project and the recruitment of teams. 

iRaise has successfully capacitated 8 teams on innovation within the healthcare sector. 

Thanks to the project blended programme, participating teams were able to increase their knowledge by working alongside trainers, mentors and other participants.

They benefited from the opportunity to upgrade their learning experience through distance-learning mentoring and by joining online learning groups (such as the Education Programme Kick-Off, the weekly meetings with mentors, the breakfast seminars with industry and the final iRaise event).

At the end of the training programme, the 8 teams showcased their improvements from their initial idea, while constructing among others an Impact Model and an implementation and exploitation roadmap. 


iRaise is the continuation of the UP-rAIHSe project, both funded by EIT Health.