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More than 100 digital health solutions to fight Coronavirus gathered over a week


Companies can still register their solutions on the free European “eHealth Hub Platform”

“Digital health is a great ally to fight this pandemic. We want healthcare organisations to benefit from technology that is already available and validated on the market”, explains Jorge González 


In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, technology applied to health is becoming a fundamental tool for healthcare professionals and citizens. Telemedicine solutions, patient monitoring or online pre-diagnosis tools are meant to be the support that healthcare systems need to face this delicate situation in which citizens must remain at home as long as possible.

Digital health is a great ally to fight this pandemic. We want healthcare services to benefit from technology that is already available on the market”, explains Jorge González, CEO at Ticbiomed, one of the leading organisations of the initiative. “We make it possible for any European organisation to access, in a single click, a catalogue of digital health solutions that they can use in this crisis”. 

The solutions are collected through the online “eHealth Hub Platform” under the label #Coronavirus. Registration is free and the only requirement for companies is to specify how their solution helps in the COVID-19 outbreak. The digital health cluster Ticbiomed has already made the list of solutions available to some regional, national and European public administrations. “We will continue with dissemination in the coming weeks, so the list is updated in real-time”, concludes González. 

This initiative has been promoted by the European digital health ecosystem, with the participation of agents such as eHealth Hub, Apre, Barcelona Health Hub, Business Oulu, Digital Health Connector, ECHAlliance, EHTEL, ERRIN, European Internet Forum, Eurasanté, Frontiers Health, Health 2.0, Himss, inDemand, Innogroup, Meta, Resah. Steinbeis S2i, We4AHA, WelfareTech and Ticbiomed, among others. 

Ticbiomed is a business association that promotes collaborative projects in digital health. We facilitate open-innovation agreements among different eHealth stakeholders at European level.