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The community and tools to achieve a greater impact in healthcare through Innovation Procurement 

Most of the problems that threaten health and social care systems in Europe today could be solved with innovative solutions. However, public procurement of innovation still faces multiple challenges that hinder the development and adoption of such solutions.   

To address this, Procure4Health is working to:  

Procure4Health key activities   

#The community   

Procure4Health is creating a community which offers an environment for stakeholders to share knowledge, collaborate and advance their innovation procurement approaches at local, regional, national and EU level.    

The community counts on several tools. Among the most important ones, there is a dedicated online platform, including 6 working groups: Sustainability, Digital Healthcare and ICT, Integrated Care, Predictive and Precision Medicine, Value-based Procurement and Impactful Innovation.  

It also offers a matchmaking instrument, insights created by he project members and a resources repository .   

#Twinnings partnerships   

Internal and external Twinnings are being developed to support knowledge and lessons learnt exchange on Innovation Procurement. Internal Twinnings activities take place among Procure4Health procurers founding members. Calls for External Twinnings are launched to fund healthcare providers outside the consortium. Three calls have been released since the project launch.   

#Demand-driven innovation   

Following a demand-driven approach, 4 common challenges have been identified by procuring organisations within the community: On-site treatment of hospital wastewater, Reusable personal protection against pathogens, Home-based care and remote monitoring and Precision and predictive medicine. 

Each one is being explored with one Open Market Consultation. At the end, the project will carry out an analysis of the processes to see how to improve them.   

#Action plan    

With the goal to implement procurement-related activities, a complete action plan will be developed, comprising 6 action areas that are being addressed by the Working Groups. 

Special attention will be paid to the local adaptation of the Action Plan. The project will provide decision makers, at European but also at regional level, with arguments and action points to facilitate innovation procurement. It will also formulate policy recommendations, both being the ultimate goals of the project.   

#Impactful Innovation    

For innovation to be adopted, preventing the whole ecosystem from wasting money, time, effort and opportunity, an “impact first” mindset and tools are needed.   

This is one of the fundamental objectives of Ticbiomed’s work. The association is already mobilising the entire ecosystem with the Impactful Innovation Movement, leading a Working Group and developing a specific action plan on this issue in the project.   

About Procure4Health  

Procure4Health is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, Grant Agreement 101057209, with a total budget of €5 million.    

It started in June 2022 and is expected to run for 3 years, until June 2025.   

The project aims to foster the procurement of innovation across Europe. And not only procurement, but also the impact, encouraging adoption. It already has 33 members from 15 countries, and the Community is open to new arrivals.  



Ticbiomed coordinates the work in communicating and disseminating the project outcomes 

Project website

About Ticbiomed  

Ticbiomed is a non-proft association created back in 2010 in Murcia, although its scope of work has always been all over Europe. Its mission is to deliver value to generate impact via innovation, with a special focus oin the health & care sector.   

Ticbiomed advocates an adoption-focused approach, which includes demand-driven innovation, co-creation and Impactful Innovation, as mentioned above.  

It is the mindset that really makes an impact   

We believe that it is not until technology is adopted that it unfolds its full value. Successful pilots that are not implemented are a waste. And therefore, we work to change minds, policies and instruments in order to bring technology to businesses, to universities, to health centers and to society as a whole; increasing productivity and competitiveness, creating jobs and improving people’s lives.   

> If you are also working for the same goals, we would love to hear about your project or the ones you’d like to be part of. Contact us!  

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