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Ideable organizes a webinar about the Zocaalo project

Ideable, one of the partners behind Zocaalo, is organizing a webinar to know more about zocaalo and participate in our community.


We are looking for:

-End-user organizations that want to test uploaded apps and get paid for it.

-Caregivers and organizations that want to use already existing or future certified apps from our marketplace.

-UX experts, privacy & security consultants, etc. that want to receive new clients.

-Developers that want to get their apps certified FOR FREE during this summer.

Next Tuesday 19th at 11 CEST you will be able to know more about zocaalo. Just apply to the webinar here and we will contact you with all the details for connection.

Don’t you still know what zocaalo is?

Zocaalo is a marketplace of certified apps for the elderly users. It offers a certification seal for developers that are generating apps for the Silver Economy market.

What does the zocaalo Platform include?

Consisting on a certification seal, DevTools (building blocks and usability guidelines) and European regulatory assistance. Zocaalo makes it possible to build accessible, trusted and high-quality applications for elderly people, fulfilling required regulation in the EU Member States and increasing the diffusion in a specific context marketplace.

What are the goals for the zocaalo marketplace?

-To facilitate the widespread uptake of accessible and easy

-To-use apps for elderly users and/or caregivers. These apps are certified as suitable for the needs and requirements of elderly people.

-To provide elder care sector professionals with apps to adopt for helping their current services or build new ones.

-To provide validated tools and experts for the apps developers to improve efficiency and synergetic development of apps for eldercare sector and elderly users.

Zocaalo has been supported by The Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme), which is the European Programme addressing the needs of the ageing population by developing ICT based solutions to enhance the quality of life of older people.