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Chiesi is partnering with eHealth Hub and its Solution Match service to source one or more solution partner(s) to revolutionize neo-natal care

The company has identified 5 challenges and is looking for technological solutions to face them.Companies interested in co-creation should apply before 18th April. 


For decades, Chiesi has been committed to neonatology, working alongside the medical community to improve the level of care for preterm babies. Thanks to this important relationship, Chiesi has become a global partner for neonatologists, bringing its life-saving drugs to more than 80 countries worldwide, and working towards the sharing of best clinical practices.

Chiesi has the ambition to innovate the entire journey of premature babies and their parents/families. In that context, Chiesi is looking for SME partners and solutions to improve/innovate premature environment for better life and development. Any solution addressing or contributing to address daily situations faced by/with premature babies will be considered and are welcome to apply.

Chiesi has identify 5 challenges they would like to work on with innovative European SMEs:

  • Challenge 1: Propose a solution for stable containment, safe transportation and best postural care of premature babies.
  • Challenge 2: Propose a set of devices that would support simple, safe and fast interactions with the premature babies and promote a healthy environment for their neurological development.
  • Challenge 3: Propose a solution that maintains two-way communications and allows
  • parents and neonates to stay connected.
  • Challenge 4: Propose a solution that will help reduce and/or prevent skin damages.
  • Challenge 5: Propose a solution to limit and/or prevent environmental stress and manage these reduces levels of stress.

The solution to be implemented in a medical environment could be:

  • An existing solution that matches the need
  • An existing solution that can be adapted and co-developed with Chiesi to match the need
  • A new innovative concept that can be co-developed from scratch with Chiesi to match the need


If you are working on a different solution improving neo-natal care, Chiesi is still ready to support your initiative and would like to hear from you!

Chiesi is open to discussing various types of business collaborations, including the procurement of devices and services and investments in or acquisition of selected companies.


Operational calendar:

  • Call for application deadline: April 18
  • Application review: April 23-27
  • Announcement of finalists: April 30
  • Solution Match Live event: May 28 in Sitges as part of Health 2.0 Europe 2018