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Workshop on regional policies to promote the adoption of innovation by public administrations

14% of the EU’s GDP is spent through public procurement. The acquisition of innovation by public administrations does not only improves the services offered to citizens but also provides business opportunities to local entrepreneurs.  

This is why the EC has launched instruments like Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) or Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) to foster collaboration between public procurers and innovative companies. However, regions cannot directly transpose these instruments due to their complexity and high funding requirements.  

Therefore, there is a need to explore new models that tap into the promise of incorporating innovation in the public sector while increasing business competitiveness and are adapted to the reality of regions.  

The development of new models also offers a great opportunity to incorporate elements that promote the adoption of innovation. We have already mentioned the improvement of services for citizens and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, but all this can only be achieved if innovation is adopted. If we seize the opportunities, we can make changes, as advocated by Ticbiomed, the project coordinator and promoter of the Impactful Innovation Movement, which precisely advocates the adoption of innovation. 












Prepare first round of insights, resources and best practices will be shared in a public workshop. Regional stakeholders related to innovation policies and their counterpart offices in Brussels are invited to: 

  • Understand the benefits of the collaboration between public organizations and local innovators.  
  • Learn the feedback acquired from the local stakeholders of the Prepare regions. 
  • Share their own experiences and interests. 
  • Make proposals to design policies adapted to the regional realities. 
  • Access to a database of 300+ knowledge resources. 

The event will take place on June 27th, from 9:00 until 12:30, at Avenue des Arts, 3, 5ª, Brussels (Region of Murcia office). 

Please register here before June 25th.