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Ticbiomed joins the Spanish Health and Bioscience Cluster Alliance (ACESABIO)

Since April 15th, Ticbiomed has joined forces with business associations from the Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Galicia, Valencia, Catalonia, Castile and Leon, and Extremadura to continue making innovation the driving force for transforming the healthcare sector. 


Cooperation for change

At Ticbiomed, we know well that cooperation is a powerful lever to multiply the impact of our work. It is one of our fundamental pillars as an association and now also the starting point for joint work with ACESABIO. 

The Alliance aims for both its members and their associates to be more competitive, innovative, and collaborative, providing solutions to society that enhance the quality of life and safety of individuals through joint initiatives. 

This is a vision we share, and we are confident that it will lead to multiple lines of collaboration. 

Adoption for impact

In turn, Ticbiomed now brings its extensive experience in the European context, particularly in initiatives focused on demand-driven innovation as a means to identify existing needs and address them. This approach facilitates cooperation among ecosystem actors, enabling interactive learning with companies, sharing risks and benefits, and improving competitiveness and internationalization. In addition, Ticbiomed also adds a co-creative methodology, including in each project diverse touchpoints oriented towards the adoption of innovation.