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Promoting the digital transformation of health care in Europe  

Improved innovation models with a demand-driven, co-creative, adoption-oriented approach 

HealthChain I3 aims at boosting digital transformation and value chains at regional and EU levels, with the ultimate goal of co-creating and promoting the adoption of innovative healthcare solutions that have a positive impact on patient’s lives.  

To achieve this, the initiative has launched 17 projects to solve 17 real needs identified by healthcare organisations (HO) in collaboration with their end-users. Solutions will be the result of demand-driven and co-creative processes between HOs and IT companies. 

But not only that, from the experience of these cases, an improved model will be extracted, with a methodology and lessons learned that can be exported to multiple regions 

HealthChain key activities 

Identification of 10 unmet needs (2 per region) to be solved – completed 

Health professionals and patients from each HO were brought together to express their needs. From all the proposals, only 2 needs per region (of those that originally made up the consortium) were selected to be transformed into challenges that can be solved through the co-creation of an innovative technological solution. 

This starting point represents the definitive consolidation of the demand-driven approach advocated by the project and strongly promoted by Ticbiomed, the project coordinator. 

  • From mid-September to the end of November 2023 

Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP) Call for SMEs – coming soon! 

An opportunity to team up with a project SME to co-create a solution for the challenges identified, working hands-on with the HO, final user of the solution.  

Budget: €50,000 equity-free funding per project (100% reimbursed by the European Commision).  

Co-creation of the solution – coming soon! 

The HO and IT companies will co-create digital health solutions. This co-creation phase is part of a model designed to encourage the adoption of the innovation once it is proven successful, starting from the identification of the need by the HO (demand-driven) and continuing precisely by the joint development of the solution between the IT company and the HO. 

Creation of a Community of Practice (CoP) – ongoing 

During the development of the whole project, in order to foster extensive impact and long-term viability in the EU, HealthChain collaborators are allocating resources to establish a Community of Practice (CoP). This will serve as a platform for sharing expertise, insights and resources, facilitating the dissemination of the HealthChain model to sustain value-chain model on the long term and to enable other regions to implement it. 

In fact, as the project progresses, 5 regions (Mirror Regions) will have the opportunity to replicate the work of the main ones, becoming partners of the project and receiving advice and funding.   

HealthChain expected results 

The HealthChain model proposes a new strategy, uniting public and private sectors in regional ecosystems to innovate in the co-creation of digital health solutions.  

The project stands for interregional cooperation among Ecosystem Supporters, Healthcare Organisations, and IT companies, with the goal of enhancing healthcare service quality for citizens and promoting the competitiveness of SMEs.  

Finally, the innovation process applied will help to align funding pipelines to create collaboration opportunities across the EU and untap the investment on innovation. 

About HealthChain I3  

HealthChain I3 project has received funding from the European Union’s Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) Instrument under Grant Agreement No. 101094676. 

It started on January, 1st, 2023 and is expected to last until December 2025. 
It has a total budget of €9.6 million. 

Led by Ticbiomed, the HealthChain consortium originally comprised 19 partners, collectively spanning 5 regional ecosystems across various EU countries: Murcia (Spain), Centro (Portugal), Western (Slovenia), Primorsko-Goranska (Croatia), and East Netherlands (Netherlands). As one of the main objectives of the project is to promote models that can be replicated in different regions, new countries and members will progressively join the initial number, testing the effectiveness of those models in different ecosystems.  

In each region, a HO identifies challenges and tests suggested solutions, IT companies (Solvers) with advanced technology collaborate on solution development, and a regional Ecosystem Supporter (ES) facilitates connections among cross-border regions. 

Ticbiomed is coordinating the iniative and supporting the Murcia Ecosystem.   

Project website

About Ticbiomed – Impact is what drives us

Ticbiomed is a non-profit association created back in 2010 in Murcia, although its scope of work has always been all over Europe. Its mission is to deliver value to generate impact via innovation, with a special focus in the health & care sector.

Ticbiomed advocates an adoption-focused approach, which includes demand-driven innovation, co-creation and Impactful Innovation.

#Impactful Innovation

The association is mobilising the entire ecosystem to advocate for adoption. This includes changing mindsets, policies and instruments, and demanding accountability and consistency.

Innovation that successfully passes the pilot phase and is not adopted is a waste. That’s why we work to bring technology to businesses, universities, healthcare and society at large; increasing productivity for all, creating jobs, making us more competitive and improving people’s lives, which is one of the fundamental principles of the Healthchain project.

  • If you are also working for the same goals, we would love to hear about your project or the ones you’d like to be part of. Contact us!

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