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Mediktor launches an AI-based COVID-19 symptom assessment


Mediktor, the most accurate AI- based assistant for triage, pre-diagnosis and decision-making support, launches a new solution aimed at the differential diagnosis of COVID-19. The goal is to help healthcare systems around the world, to direct people with suspected infection to proper care, at the right time.

New York, March 10th 2020.

Coronavirus infection is saturating health systems around the world as it spreads from one territory to another. New technologies like symptoms evaluators combined with telemedicine have become essential pieces to efficiently manage the possible cases of infection.

Mediktor, based in New York and Barcelona, launches COVID-19 Test, a solution based on artificial intelligence that helps health systems and organizations, mitigate risks, organize their demand and optimize resources.

Mediktor COVID-19 Test, differs from other tests offering a differential diagnosis, listing other diseases that share common symptoms with the coronavirus. This tool also gives you a recommendation based on the combination of emergencies associated with diseases, symptoms, and the probability of being infected by the COVID – 19 virus.

Oscar García – Esquirol, Medical Director and Co-Founder at Mediktor explains: “The success or failure of this health crisis will depend on our ability to manage it, and new technologies play an important role.”


Mediktor is the most accurate medical assistant based on Artificial Intelligence for triage, pre-diagnosis and clinical decision support. The only clinically validated one. Leading more than 4 million symptom assessments in 180 countries worldwide, developing an intuition comparable to the professional experience of more than 10 doctors throughout his career.

The company was founded in 2011 by Oscar García-Esquirol, specialized doctor in Intensive Medicine and Cristian Pascual, Industrial engineer. Mediktor has managed to close agreements with several international health institutions such as Yale New Haven Health System in the United States and Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.


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