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Knowledge and method. Laying the foundations for Innovation Procurement

Procure4Health, underway since June 2022, is creating a large community of innovation procurers of the health sector across Europe. The main goal of the project is to actively promote Innovation Procurement.  

Highly valuable knowledge 

Among other benefits, being part of the Procure4Health community provides access to the knowledge and tools needed to face the challenges presented by Innovation Procurement. 

All this valuable information is being compiled in the form of Insights, that have so far addressed the following topics: 

  1. Basics of Innovation Procurement: What it is and why it is important. 
  2. The Innovation Procurement Process: Key steps and existing instruments. 
  3. Challenges identification: How to identify innovation needs? 
  4. 10 things you need to consider when preparing your innovation tender. 
  5. Guide to a well-founded market a for a successful OMC. 

Free Access for Community Members 

The Insights are available to community members for free. Becoming a member is very easy, it is cost-free and offers great benefits:







Like the Insights, another very useful resource that the project makes available to the community is the Capacity Building Catalogue, to guide its members on every step of the process and take their skills to the next level. 

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Information and capacity building focused on adoption 

Procure4Health aims not only to encourage innovation procurement but also to ensure that these processes lead to adoption. As advocated by Ticbiomed, project partner, innovation only reaches its full potential when it is adopted. Its ability to improve the services provided by professionals and the lives of patients, and its driving force behind entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of all Europe depend on the ecosystem’s ability to adopt innovations that successfully pass the pilot phase.