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HealthChain Mirror Regions launch a Call for SMEs

Recently, HealthChain has incorporated 5 new regions into its consortium. Flanders (Belgium), Western (Greece), Northwest (Romania), Navarre (Spain) and Castile and Leon (Spain) have decided to commit to the demand-driven innovation approach proposed by the project and are already working in this direction. 

Demand-driven innovation 

Each region has a supporter organisation that provides expert advice, leads and energises the ecosystem, and a healthcare organisation (challenger) that has identified a specific need and transformed it into an innovation challenge. 











Co-creation to encourage adoption 

The development of solutions to these identified needs will be carried out in co-creation between the healthcare organisation and technology developers (solver) selected through an open call. 

The call, which is now open for applications, offers attractive benefits for SMEs: 

  • Jointly co-create and pilot an innovative solution with the Mirror Regions stakeholders for 12 months.
  • Get expert support on business modelling and market insights, and access to networks and resources.
  • Access funding up to €50.000 equity-free. 
  • Network with other European SMEs and explore opportunities for forthcoming projects.











The deadline for submitting proposals is 5th August, 2024. 

We recommend paying special attention to the proposal submission requirements, which include geographic eligibility criteria. 

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Strengthening innovation ecosystems in Europe 

HealthChain is characterised by its demand-driven approach to innovation, followed by a co-creation process. Each region will receive training and financial support to replicate the HealthChain model, aimed at strengthening health innovation ecosystems in Europe.  

This methodology fully aligns with the Ticbiomed’s philosophy, the project coordinator, which focuses on encouraging adoption as the ultimate goal of any innovation process.