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Extensive Customer Knowledge and Refined Processes: Keys to Mediktor’s Success in the Healthcare Market

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of listening live to three exceptional professionals from Mediktor, Ticbiomed’s partner. Araceli Villacampa, Marketing Director, María Eugenia Rodríguez, AI Medical Expert, and Eusebi Ocaña, Business Development Director, summarised the entire sales process of their product.

This ranged from lead acquisition to “go live” and post-sale customer service, including product adaptation and testing… a masterclass on the critical elements for selling disruptive solutions in healthcare.


Key Points of the Marketing Strategy

After explaining that Mediktor is an AI medical chatbot for triage and medical pre-diagnosis, Araceli began by highlighting three characteristics of the company and product that entail significant challenges but are addressed with a well-structured strategy:

  1. The product is complex and highly technical.
  2. To grow, the company needs to increase its visibility.
  3. As a startup, they have a limited team and resources in the marketing department.


The Four Pillars: Brand, Target, Funnel, Product









BRAND; A clear definition of who they are and their direction guides all of Mediktor’s communications. It is easier to be consistent from the outset than to rectify a posteriori.

TARGET:The company targets four main sectors: medical insurers, hospitals and healthcare institutions, telemedicine companies, and pharmaceutical firms. Within each of these, different buyer personas can be defined, each with specific needs and pain points depending on their department.

This diversity is addressed with a very clear yet adaptable value proposition, tailored to each buyer persona and their stage in the funnel.

FUNNEL: Potential clients are at different stages of the buying process. Some do not yet know they need a solution like Mediktor. Others are unaware of its existence. A few contact the company with a clear intention of collaboration. Each needs the appropriate content to mature the contact and stand out from the competition.

But! A good strategy also means understanding that not all areas can be reached. By knowing clients, the funnel, and even themselves very well, they must prioritise sectors offering higher potential returns and quicker or more strategic mid-term sales.

PRODUCT: In startups like Mediktor, the product is usually the starting point. Product definition is based on satisfying customer needs, and it evolves through constantly reviewing results with existing clients. Continuous feedback allows effective adjustment and improvement of the product and value propositions.


Implementing a Strategy with Well-Defined Steps

  1. Creation of versatile base content: adaptable to different needs, channels, and targets.
  2. Development of the pitch: explaining the product, the problems it solves, company presentation, and team introduction.
  3. One Pages: Mediktor has customised product descriptions for each target, sector adaptations, and success case testimonials.
  4. Additional Personalisation: at an advanced stage of the process, content is diversified for specific buyer personas.
  5. 360º Strategy: from the impeccable calling card their website is, which forms the pillar of their communications, to clear navigation and SEO work to attract leads.

This 360 includes multiple communication and marketing channels, like social media, press releases, event presence, Google AdWords, mailings, newsletters, and inbound marketing. Constant monitoring and tracking of all actions are crucial to evaluate effectiveness and adjust strategies as needed.



Lead Management and International Adaptation

Once a lead is secured, the contact is passed to Eusebi’s department. The decisions made in this critical moment will determine whether a lead becomes a client or goes cold.








Mediktor faces various challenges with international leads, such as adapting to local legislation and customising the product according to social, cultural, and linguistic differences. Studying local competition and building a solid, nuanced value proposition for each client is essential for success in new markets.


Building Customer Value

Even locally, customisation is crucial. Involving all departments from the start, understanding their needs and concerns, and why they might resist adopting technology is fundamental to avoid failed sales.

María Eugenia supported Eusebi’s advice with two key points:

  • Involving healthcare staff from the beginning, training, and informing them adequately to overcome their resistance to change and risk aversion.
  • Being extremely thorough in complying with all legislation related to patient data management.


“Mediktor offers a highly reliable pre-diagnosis in 14 questions and 3 minutes; which can be done in fewer questions, faster and improve the pre-diagnosis if we are connected to the patients’ medical records.”

Data security is significant in healthcare and closely linked to AI effectiveness in health. Mediktor needs access to basic data like age, gender, or condition, as well as more complex information like medical history. Ensuring quick and secure consultations while maintaining platform interoperability is vital.


Success Case: Arnau de Vilanova Hospital

Mediktor’s implementation in the Arnau de Vilanova hospital in Lleida (Catalonia) was a great success. The challenge was to relieve the emergency service, for which they proposed a web questionnaire for patients to complete in the waiting room. If the condition was minor, they could be directed to other care centres, freeing up hospital resources for more serious cases. And it worked perfectly!

  • 95% of redirected patients were discharged, indicating correct reverse referral.
  • 84% of those patients did not require further consultations.
  • Patient satisfaction averaged 8 out of 10.


Post-Sales and Measurement

Almost ending the talk, Eusebi clarified that implementing a solution does not mean the work is done. Close and continuous post-sales follow-up allows Mediktor to help professionals get the most out of the product, strengthens the brand image, and often helps secure new clients.

Recommendation! Provide customer service in the local language whenever possible. This leads to higher satisfaction, fewer misunderstandings, and better results.

Besides all that, measuring with exhaustive KPIs and methodologies provides invaluable information on all aspects of the work: product efficacy, customer satisfaction, process quality, etc.


Closing the Circle: A Success Case Might Enable New Sales

After successfully completing a project, Araceli’s team typically creates a success case. This is a key tool for facilitating future sales, if the client does not prefer confidentiality, which Mediktor also offers as a white-label operator.



Mediktor’s strategy focuses on deeply understanding their customers, adapting to their specific needs, and offering a highly personalised product. Although this strategy carries risks, as not all clients are willing to pay the true value of custom development, the focus on quality and customer satisfaction has proven to be a winning formula for the company in the competitive healthcare market.

Thank you very much for sharing all this invaluable knowledge with us!