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Co-creating a digital solution with the potential to impact thousands of people in the Region of Murcia

The Servicio Murciano de Salud (Murcian Health Service – SMS, for its acronym in Spanish), Evidenze Health Spain, and AicrumIT are jointly developing ESFERA, a telemedicine platform focused on improving medical care, disease prevention, and patient empowerment through self-management by patients and their caregivers. 

Only when innovation is adopted, it unleashes its full potential and achieves the impact for which it was designed. 

In the specific case of ESFERA, this impact might be immense. The platform can personalise medical care, something particularly important in the monitoring of chronic diseases such as epilepsy. Additionally, ESFERA will allow professionals to monitor patients more effectively, save time and money, implement preventive measures, and place the patient at the center. Ultimately, it will significantly enhance the experience for all parties involved. 

The project comes from a specific need identified by the SMS, which is being addressed jointly with Evidenze and AicrumIT. Ticbiomed, as mentioned, is providing support to all parties to facilitate co-creation. 

Demand-driven innovation and co-creation 

Starting from a real need identified by a healthcare organisation ensures that key aspects for subsequent implementation are considered right from the proposal’s formulation. Furthermore, the collaborative process gives everyone involved the opportunity to review each advancement and respond to each new requirement as it arises, resolving functional issues and technical aspects, such as integration with existing SMS systems, from the beginning. 

Another factor considered from the start is the application’s usability. The two developing companies always keep the patient in mind, incorporating features that promote self-management and including training for professionals and patients in the implementation proposal. 

HealthChain, new models of innovation focused on adoption 

ESFERA´s development is being possible by the framework provided by the HealthChain project, which is working on demand-driven and co-creative innovation models that in turn strengthen value chains. 

This demand-driven and co-creation approach is also advocated by Ticbiomed as the optimal methodology to foster the adoption of innovation, as established by the movement launched by the association, Impactful Innovation. 

In HealthChain, Ticbiomed, as regional digital health cluster, has been involved in various phases. It helped identify the need of the SMS and is serving as a link between companies and the healthcare organisation during co-creation to facilitate joint work and subsequent commercialisation. 

 The association supports all parties in their respective roles and responsibilities: 

  • Evidenze is a company that offers comprehensive solutions to generate and transform scientific evidence into health knowledge. Its service catalogue includes research, education, patient support, and organising sector events. A significant player in the sector, leaving a new and meaningful mark on innovation. 
  • AicrumIT is an information technology company that puts innovation at the service of health. It offers tailored solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements; innovation projects, with a firm commitment to R&D&I; and ICT consultancy. A team of great professionals dedicated to innovation. 
  • The SMS ensures public healthcare for the 1.5 million residents in the Region. A large organisation working with the full conviction of providing the best possible service to the population. 

If the project’s expectations are met, the implementation of ESFERA will mark a new era in health management in the Region of Murcia. It will also set a positive precedent for a work model increasingly widespread in European innovation: demand-driven, co-creation, and adoption-oriented.