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Pilot scale-up

We help successful pilots to scale-up and be adopted within healthcare organizations.

Pilots are increasingly used by Healthcare organizations to test the value of innovations. Most times these pilots take place within the context of research projects, benefiting from public funds. The pilots are usually made in collaboration with external vendors that develop the (digital) innovation, which is then tested in a controlled, limited scenario in the premises of the organization.

A percentage of these pilots are successful, meaning that the organization can directly assess that the innovation improves value and/or reduces costs to them. However, there is a ‘valley of death’ after public funding ends. Most pilots are not widely scaled-up and adopted across the testing organization, in spite of the evidence of success.

The problem/need

Too many of successful pilots fail -or take excessive time- to scale up the tested innovation so it is widely adopted across the Healthcare organization.

What is at stake

It is not sensible that the only driving force of testing innovation is external funding, and that its benefits disappear as soon as public money runs out. Not incorporating an innovative solution that has proved successful is a waste for the Healthcare organization that has invested time, money and opportunity cost.

Besides, it makes Healthcare personnel sceptical about participating in future innovation activities. In the long run, it slows down pace of advancement in digital health, as vendors need first references to commercialize innovations.

Our contribution

TICBioMed is committed to promote the debate and come up with potential solutions in collaboration with the ecosystem.

We are particularly interested in identifying initiatives could be launched to effectively ease the transition between a successful pilot, and its scalable implementation within the same organization.

We have created a first public document with proposals and shared it with the European Commission and other stakeholders. Access it here.

We are also planning to promote public debate within sectoral events.

Download the document elaborated by TICBioMed “Beyond pilots: Call to action to support (eHealth) adoption after successful piloting”


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