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ConectaSalud (Connecting Health):
Health professionals and innovative companies in the framework of medical congresses

Under our Bridging eHealth DNA, we love generating conversation between supply and demand – specially giving visibility to innovative healthcare professionals and the possibility for companies to detect business opportunities.

Through our initiative “ConectaSalud: clinicians and startups innovating in health”, Ticbiomed facilitates contact between health professionals and ICT companies in the framework of medical congresses.

Every congress interested in incorporating the activity of ConectaSalud in its program, has the freedom to define which topics are most interesting. Based on those needs, at Ticbiomed we recruit interested companies that fit the best.

Pitch & Workshop

The “ConectaSalud” initiative is mainly defined in two blocks:

Block 1: Pitch your solution in front of a healthcare professionals committee 

A public session in which a maximum of 10 innovative companies will have the opportunity to present their digital solutions in front of a Social and Health Committee composed of

healthcare professionals. Companies will have 5 minutes of presentation, followed by a question and answer session with the Committee.

Block 2: Digital Opportunity Workshops

We divide the attendees into different mixed groups, with the aim of exchanging information on needs / opportunities. The members of the Committee will sit down with the companies to discuss some of the concrete challenges that exist in their daily activity.

These workshops could be also interesting to other actors in the ecosystem, such as pharmaceutical companies. By sponsoring a table, you can select a topic of debate and know first-hand the reflections and needs of the demand and the solutions proposed by the offer.

Want to add value to your medical congress? Count on us!

If you are interested in incorporating this initiative in your medical congress or in any sectorial event, contact us! We customize our proposals according to your needs.


Two Spanish Congresses have already boosted their digital transformation profile by including “ConectaSalud” on their agendas. 

– The Spanish National Congress of Medicine and Rehabilitation, organized by SERMEF in Gijón. As highlighted by its president, Ricardo Llavona, “the objectives of rehabilitation and its transversality make it one of the specialties with the most technological demand that exist.”

– The Spanish Medicine and New Technology Conference, organized by SEMERGEN in Cartagena. This workshop was focused on primary care, where companies presented their digital solutions to family doctors.

 In addition, one of the workshops, sponsored by ROCHE, has focused on the “New models of approach to diabetes in primary care”.